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Kara Eads, MS



My practice and wait list are full.


People seek counseling for a variety of reasons. Whether you want more support through a specific problem, are seeking to improve your relationships, or are working on personal growth, counseling may be the next step for you. People often feel stuck in their situations or experiences, and counseling can help you to work towards being "unstuck".


I have an office in Bellingham, and I work online with clients who live anywhere in Washington, seeing people for a variety of issues. I specialize in issues relating to sex. See Services for a more in-depth description of sex topics.

Establishing a relationship with a counselor can help you through your struggles in a variety of ways. You might learn and practice new communication skills or ways to better deal with stress. Some clients would like to hear validation about what they are experiencing, others are seeking to heal from past wounds.

Each person is different in their perceptions, experiences, and preferences. In looking for a counselor, it's important to find someone who is a solid match for you and your counseling needs.

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