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My practice and wait list are full.

I am located in Bellingham, seeing clients online only. I see couples, individuals, families, adults, and children age 13 and up.

Sexual Issues in Therapy

I see people with the following goals:

  • Recreating romance/sexual desire in a long-term relationship

  • Increasing sexual satisfaction, mutual orgasm

  • Eliminating unwanted pain during sex

  • Healing from sexual trauma or confusing experiences

  • Working through sexual issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and delayed ejaculation

  • Learning about sexual anatomy, attitudes, and practices

  • Navigating non-monogamy, polyamory, or other relationship arrangements

  • Exploring issues related to gender expression, including transgender, gender nonconforming, gender fluid

  • Exploring issues related to sexual preferences, including sexual attraction, romantic orientation, and kink

  • Dealing with out of control/unwanted sexual behavior or fantasies


I am LGBTQ affirming and sex-positive. I strive for cultural humility.

There are so many issues relating to sex, and I do my best to keep up! I will refer you to another counselor, a medical doctor, physical therapist, sex shop, or other community group as needed based on your situation, and will work to get you comprehensive treatment.

Online Therapy

I offer online therapy sessions for individuals, couples, or families residing anywhere in Washington. Sessions are conducted through secure video chat or over the phone. Online therapy works well for people who are comfortable interacting online. I see clients in the following situations, for example:

  • Clients who are busy! Meeting online cuts out commute time and allows clients to schedule therapy whenever they have a free hour.

  • Client who work in tech and are struggling with stress, burnout, and/or relationship issues.

  • Clients with physical or mental ailments that prevent them from traveling to a therapy office.

  • Clients who care for young children that attend therapy during their child's naptime.

  • Clients who are divorced and would like to meet with their ex-spouse without meeting in person.

  • Note: Due to COVID, I currently offer online therapy only.


My fee for an individual 55-minute session is $130. My fee for a couples/family 70-minute session is $165.

Making an Appointment
My practice and wait list are full. If you are a current or former client, please log into to your client portal at and send me a secure message. I can be reached by email at kara[at], by using the contact form at the bottom of the contact page, or by phone at 360-922-4747.
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